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How are you handling COVID-19?

Currently, CDC guidance suggests that surface transmission of Covid-19 is highly unlikely, therefore extra sanitizing is not necessary above our normal cleaning and disinfecting.

There isn’t a safe and timely way to disinfect things like pillows between guests in addition to cleaning blankets and comforters. We will have pillows available in each closet, but advise guests to use them at their own risk. We are also asking guests to please wash the blankets in the morning before leaving. If you don’t have time to dry them before you go our cleaners will put them in the dryer for the next guest. We realize this is far from ideal and we are doing our best to address it, but we wanted to prepare you for our “new normal”.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding in this confusing time. We are looking forward to another great summer at the Jersey Shore and we hope you are too. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can contact me by phone or email by using the “Contact Us” information at the bottom of every page.

Do you allow pets? / Is the house “pet free”?

No. We do not allow pets. Not small dogs. Not well behaved dogs. Not cats. Not parrots.
That being said, we cannot promote our house as “pet free”. There have been dogs and cats in the house before. People have brought pets with them without our permission or advanced knowledge. We do have the house thoroughly cleaned each year and have “turnover cleanings” between each stay, but we cannot claim to be “pet free”.

If you are highly sensitive to allergens like pet dander and fur we cannot 100% guarantee your comfort.

I’m under 25, will you make an exception?

Sorry. There are no exceptions to our rule. We don’t allow parents to co-sign and we don’t accept larger security deposits. We simply cannot rent to groups under the age of 25. We have had bad experiences, and with limited time between rentals we cannot risk not having the property ready for other guests.



Check-in & Check-out

Can we get a late check-out or early check-in?

Sometimes. It depends on the time of year and other reservations. If possible, we try to accommodate these requests, but during certain periods of time it is not feasible. During summer weeks we cannot make exceptions as we need to allow ample time for our cleaning crew to get the house ready for the next guest. For Spring or Fall weekend rentals we are often able to let guests in early in the day on Friday or enjoy a little more time on the beach on Sunday.

Do you mail us keys?

Nope. This isn’t the 80’s! We have electronic locks on both doors and you get unique key codes for your visit. Codes are provided for each rental and previous codes expire so there is no concern with unauthorized visitors. You even have the ability to set your own codes that are easy to remember and share with your guests.




Does the house have High speed internet and Wi-Fi?

Of course! We have 400 Mbps High Speed internet service from Comcast and there is solid Wi-Fi signal throughout all floors of the house. The Wi-Fi network name and password are posted on a placard in both living rooms.

Where can we park?

There are 3 spots on the right side of the house, and 3 spots in the front of the house. There is no street parking on Beach Ave but parking on the side streets (Holyoke & Iroquois) is free and available. Click here to see parking options.


Do you provide sheets and towels?

Traditionally, LBI is a BYO island when it comes to sheets and towels. Most of our guests prefer to bring their own in order to keep costs down. In addition, due to the inability to disinfect pillows, we are NO LONGER providing pillows. That said, we understand the hassle of trying to get together 11 sets of appropriately sized bed sheets, pillows and 14 sets of towels. While these items are not included in our rental, we do offer the option to rent them from a local provider. You can check prices right on our site or contact LBI Dream Makers directly for more on the services they provide.

LBI DreamMakers offers high quality towels and linens. They provide sheets for high-end rentals on the North end of the island serving celebrities and high net worth individuals.

There are several other rental services on the island, though we cannot vouch for them as we have not used them personally.

Relax Concierge

Bed Bath Linen Rentals

The Laundry Helper

Do you have a crib or high chair available?

There are no cribs or high chairs in the house for liability reasons. If you find yourself in need of baby gear, we do offer the option to add them to your stay. Cribs are $110 / week, Pack & Play’s are $40 / week, and high chairs are $45 / week. You can contact LBI Dream Makers directly for more on the services they provide.

LBI Dream Makers:
Bed linens, beach gear, cribs, strollers, bikes, etc.



There are several other rental services on the island, though we cannot vouch for them as we have not used them personally.

Relax Concierge

The Laundry Helper

Does the house have a bathtub?

No. Unfortunately, none of the bathrooms contain a tub. However, most people find the outdoor showers ideal for washing off small kids after a day at the beach.


Is the house air conditioned?

Yes. The upstairs has central air conditioning. The downstairs has multiple ductless units which are highly efficient and allow guests to set different temperatures in different rooms. There is one unit in the living area and each bedroom has its own unit.


Is there a ________ in the house?

We try to provide as many amenities as possible, so probably. Washer & Dryer, Iron & Ironing Board, Coffee Maker (drip & Keurig), Toaster, Blender, Hair Dryer….
Check out our Amenities Page to learn more.

What kind of coffee maker is in the house?

Both units have BOTH a drip coffee maker and a Keurig machine. We know coffee is a big deal. Some families drink a lot, some just have one coffee drinker. Either way we have you covered.

What TV channels do you get?

We have recently switched our TV provider from Comcast Xfinity to a streaming service provided by YouTubeTV. All of the TV’s have a Roku either built-in or attached that include an App for YouTubeTV as well as most every other streaming service out there. You can log in and use your own Apple TV account, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more.

To see a list of all the available TV channels available through YouTubeTV feel free to view our current channel lineup. Just use “08008” as the zipcode and choose the New York Area.



The Beach

Do you provide beach chairs or umbrellas?

Yes, we do have a collection of beach equipment some of which has been ‘donated’ by previous guests. We leave these in the shed for our guests to use. We can’t guarantee what is there, but usually there are a handful of beach chairs, a beach cart, toys, buckets and shovels, and some boogie boards. Personally, we recommend stopping on the way to LBI at the Costco in Stafford and picking up a few of the ‘Tommy Bahama’ beach chairs and umbrellas. They run about $25 and will outlast anything you buy on the island.


Do you provide beach tags?

4 tags are provided with each unit, 8 total for the house. Senior Citizens and Children under 12 do not need beach tags. Active military and their family can get complimentary daily badges by stopping at the Centre Street Beach Badge Office.

In 2022 Beach tags will likely be required from June 25th through Labor Day.

Beach Tags

I need help getting to the beach. Can someone help?

Beach Haven Township is now offering “Beach Taxi” Service for any physically challenged individual in need of assistance getting to and from the beach. They will literally pick you up at the house and drive you right onto the beach at Holyoke Ave (the street to the left). For more information on this program or to schedule a pick-up or drop-off check out the Beach Haven Taxi Service.


How far is the beach? Are there Lifeguards?

The nearest beach entrance is about 100 yards from the house at Iroquois Ave. There is a lifeguarded area between Iroquois Ave (our entrance) and Liberty Ave. View our map. Lifeguards usually start limited coverage in mid-June and go to Full coverage the last week of June. Our beach is typically gets coverage on limited coverage weeks. In 2019 limited coverage (including our beach) began on Saturday, June 15th, and Full coverage began on Saturday, June 22nd for all beaches. For 2020 limited coverage to began in late May and Full coverage is set to begin on Saturday June 27th. Lifeguards in Beach Haven are on duty from 10am to 6pm.


What rules are there on the beach?

Beach Rules: Boogie Boards and floats ARE permitted on guarded beaches. Ball playing is permitted on the beach OUTSIDE of the lifeguard flags. Kites may be flown on the beach BEFORE 10AM or AFTER 5PM only. There is NO SMOKING on the beach at any time. Alcoholic beverages are NOT PERMITTED on the beach at any time.


For more visit the Beach Information Page of the Borough of Beach Haven.



Do we need a car?

Once you are here you can leave the car parked. Beach Haven is a great town for getting around by bike. Most of the shops and restaurants are about a mile from the house, so that’s a moderate walk or a really quick bike ride. The roads in Beach Haven are awesome for bikes. Beach and Ocean Aves both have nice WIDE bike lanes that are comfortable even for riding with young kids. There are plenty of places to rent a bike or you can bring your own and keep them in the backyard or in the storage shed.


Where should we go for __________?

We provide a list and interactive map of our favorite bars, restaurants, shops and activities in our local guide.



Rental & Payments

Do you charge a cleaning fee?

No. While we had previously charged a cleaning fee, we now just build that cost into our rates. What you see is what you pay.

We don’t ask our guests to clean toilets and vacuum floors, we only ask that they clean up any spills, run the dishwasher, and take out the trash. Our cleaners handle the rest.

Do we have to pay sales/hotel tax?

Not if you book through us!!! As of August 9, 2019 our DIRECT rentals are EXEMPT from the 11.625% NJ Tax. Rentals booked through sites like VRBO and AirBnB will still have to pay taxes to the state. Even more reason to BOOK DIRECT!

Do we have to pay up front?

For advanced Summer bookings (6 months or more in advance) we require a $300 payment to hold the reservation (applied to rent balance). We then require 1/2 balance to be paid by December 1st with the remainder due 30 days prior to your stay.

For standard bookings we require 1/2 balance paid with your reservation and the remainder due 30 days prior to your stay


Do you offer any discounts?

1. We quote our rates for payment by check which is already our lowest rate. Credit card companies charge about 3% to handle the transaction so it is cheaper for us to take checks, plus that is the LBI tradition. A lot of people love their 1% cash back, but you can save 2-3% by paying with a check. Guests who wish to pay by credit card will be charged a 3% convenience fee to cover the cost.
2. We always offer our off-season rentals at a significant discount compared to our peak Summer rentals – Contact us for a quote.
3. Sometimes we will offer special promotional rates if a week is still available late in the season or if we get a late cancellation. We usually try to promote these heavily so if there is a discount available you will see it.


Why do you charge more for credit cards?

We quote our prices for payment by check because that is how most of our guests prefer to pay. Also, our guests understand that paying by check keeps our rates low. Credit card processors charge around 3% of the total transaction cost in order to handle the payments – this would add over $200 to our weekly rate. Most companies simply build the fees into their prices as the “cost of doing business”, but we’d prefer to save everyone 3%.  And that 1% cash back your credit card offers you… well it is coming from the processing fees. Would you rather pay 3% more and get 1% back or just pay less to begin with?  It’s your choice and we like to give our guests options. If you choose to use a credit card to pay for your rental, we add a 3% convenience fee to cover the added costs. If you are looking for a convenient way to pay AND get our lowest rate, we do accept Venmo and Zelle payments.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Most of our guests opt to pay by check and take advantage of the reduced pricing we are able to offer. The easiest way to pay by check is to use your existing online banking. Simply go into your “Bill Pay” and add us as a “payee”. Put in the name and address like you would for your Water bill or Visa bill. Then simply make a payment. The bank will print and mail a check for you and you don’t need an envelope or a stamp.
We recognize that some people may prefer the convenience and security of paying by credit card. If a guest wants to pay their rent by credit card we are happy to oblige, we just add a 3% convenience fee. Another option we accept are electronic payments through Venmo and Zelle (your bank likely offers this through your online banking/app). There are no fees to send money via Venmo or Zelle but you should review their terms as these payments are treated like cash and can’t be stopped or cancelled. You should only pay someone you know using Venmo or Zelle.


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