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Help Us Fight The Shore Tax!

Are you an owner? A renter? Do you have a local business at the shore? Then these taxes AFFECT YOU. Since these new taxes went public a few months ago, people have been asking “What can we do?”, “How can … Read More

Call To Action

Call To Action: Bill A-4520 – Exempting Shore Rentals

Bill A-4520 has moved to Committee Bill A-4520 exempts rentals in all NJ Shore communities from both State Sales and Occupancy Taxes. What we need now is MORE Co-Sponsors to sign on to this bill. We want to get as … Read More

NJ Taxes: Registering, Filing & Paying

Registering Registration can all be done online here: www.njportal.com/DOR/BusinessRegistration You will need your SSN, and if you have a spouse that is a co-owner, theirs as well. The forms are pretty self explanatory with a few exceptions. I’ll share what … Read More


New Jersey Rental Taxes – So Far…

For those of you who aren’t aware, back in July, New Jersey passed several new taxes as part of the budget approval. One of these taxes, promoted as the “AirBnB Tax”, was supposed to tax companies like AirBnB and VRBO … Read More

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NJ Taxes: A new bill needs your support

The Division of Taxation has doubled-down on their ridiculous interpretation of the NJ Tax law. When they pulled down their “guidance” publication on the Occupancy tax earlier this week we all assumed they were going to correct their mistaken interpretation … Read More

Treasury Spokesperson

Some positive news being reporting on the Tax Law

More media reporting on the “rental tax”. It sounds like we are close. The first step is to get the Treasury Department (division of Taxation) to put out new “guidance” on the tax. I believe that enough legislators have gotten … Read More

News Screen

News 12 NJ covers the “rental tax”

The following video aired this morning on News 12 NJ. Make sure you watch the whole video including the interview with a local shore Realtor. He actually admits that Realtors lost HALF of their business and they need this tax … Read More

More NJ Tax Info

For those interested in MORE details on the NJ Tax Laws regarding short term rentals, here is a summary of the “rules” and answers to some common questions. I will try to keep this post updated with more questions and … Read More


Important: NJ Sales & Hotel Tax

What does it mean? Not much has been made of the legislation passed in NJ back in July in order to reach a budget agreement. There are taxes on Uber, taxes on liquid nicotine, and taxes on AirBnB. There has … Read More