Roku Home Screen

This off-season we switched our TV provider from Comcast (Xfinity) to YouTube TV. You shouldn’t notice any change in available channels, just the way our TV’s operate. It is a little different for each TV but if you’ve used a smartphone you can use a Smart TV. Everything is an app these days! Now TV is too. The upstairs TV’s both use the Roku platform which includes apps for all the most popular streaming services from AppleTV to YouTube TV. The downstairs TV uses LG’s smart TV platform. In addition to all the popular “cable channels”, you will also get local NY and Philly Sports as well as all the major networks. As always, you can also sign into all your favorite streaming apps (your own account is required) and keep on bingeing that Netflix show you are addicted to! For more info on watching TV, check out our dedicated help page.

We also replaced the King mattress in the upstairs master bedroom. The old one was starting to sag and no one wants to sleep in a hole!

Stay tuned for more new additions next year.

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