Most of our guests opt to pay by check and take advantage of the reduced pricing we are able to offer. The easiest way to pay by check is to use your existing online banking. Simply go into your “Bill Pay” and add us as a “payee”. Put in the name and address like you would for your Water bill or Visa bill. Then simply make a payment. The bank will print and mail a check for you and you don’t need an envelope or a stamp.
We recognize that some people may prefer the convenience and security of paying by credit card. If a guest wants to pay their rent by credit card we are happy to oblige, we just add a 3% convenience fee. Another option we offer are electronic checks which are basically Bank-to-Bank transfers. There are also several free payment services online. The most popular service is Venmo which is owned by PayPal. Zelle is another free transfer option offered by many banks. There are no fees to send money via Venmo or Zelle but you should review their terms as in most cases these payments are treated like cash and can’t be stopped or cancelled. You should only pay someone you know using Venmo or Zelle.