Understanding the new NJ rental tax law

Please keep in mind that I am not an attorney or an accountant, this is just my interpretation of the law as written. This should not be considered legal or accounting advice and you should consult a lawyer or accountant … Read More

We did it! No More Shore Tax

From the Governor’s office: GOVERNOR MURPHY SIGNS LEGISLATION EASING TAXATION ON SHORE RENTALS Bill Exempts Certain Rental Transactions from Taxes on Occupancy Charges TRENTON – Governor Phil Murphy today signed legislation (A4814) amending the transient accommodations law enacted last summer … Read More

Nest Thermostat

Using IFTTT in your rental

Many VR owners face the problem of renters setting the thermostats too high or too low. Not only does this have a significant cost associated with it from excessive energy use, but it can also damage HVAC equipment. In the … Read More


NJ Taxes vs other East Coast locations

People sometimes claim that NJ’s decision to suddenly tax vacation rentals is “no big deal” because “other states have rental taxes and are doing fine”. What they don’t recognize is that while other states on the East coast do have … Read More

Lowest Price

How to safely #BookDirect and save $

Why book directly with owner?   Everyone seems to love AirBnB. But lately AirBnB has started increasing their “booking fees” significantly. As of today, AirBnB is quoting “service fees” of 12.9% on my listings. That means for your $3,000 rental, … Read More


Beach Haven Trash Collection Ordinance

Beach Haven Residents/Owners, have you seen the Sand Paper article and received this notice from the township yet regarding the new trash/recycling can program? Apparently they proposed this on 1/14/19 and are already planning to implement it by May. Final … Read More


The latest on the Shore Tax

I just wanted to share a brief update here to summarize the latest news on the proposed tax legislation. If you’d like to read the full update, please visit our website at  www.njshoretax.com or visit our FaceBook page First of all, we … Read More

No Shore Tax

We are so close BUT…

We are so close BUT… We can’t get the correction to the Shore Tax without YOUR help! We’ll get right to the point…we are out of money and without your financial support we will not be able to fight this … Read More

Call To Action 12/21/2018

Call To Action We are focused on getting Assembly bill A-4520 considered in the Tourism, Gaming & The Arts Committee and Senate bill S-3133 considered in the Community and Urban Affairs Committee on January 17. We would like to get … Read More


More good press for repealing the “Shore Rental Tax”

The past couple of weeks have brought some added attention to our cause and we’ve had a couple of stories picked up by the media. Earlier this month the Press of Atlantic City wrote another article on the subject. Just … Read More