We recently had family from out of town stay with us in the house and saw what a scramble it can be to put together 11 sets of sheets, and towels for more than a dozen people. In the hopes of offering our guests an alternative, I have coordinated with a local concierge service to offer discounted Bed Linen rentals.

The company is LBI Dream Makers and they are actually located ON the island which is a huge plus if there is ever an issue. In addition to sheets they offer towels, baby gear, beach gear, bike rentals and more. If you’d like to learn more about their services their website is www.LBIdreammakers.com. I’ve spoken personally with the owners and am comfortable recommending their services. They assure me that their towels and linens are high quality and professionally laundered and they guarantee they will never deliver stained or torn products. They service many high-end clients on the north end of the island including numerous celebrity guests (apparently there’s a HUGE celebrity there right now but they have signed non-disclosure agreements so they can’t name names!).

Anyway, by working with them exclusively I was able to get a little bit of a discount rate for my guests. If you are interested, you can either add the services when you make your reservation or book directly with LBI Dream Makers. I don’t mark up their services or get any kick-backs for using them.

The towels and linens are delivered to the house and will be awaiting your arrival. If you feel like you really want to just get your vacation started, they do offer the option of making all the beds for another $12/bed. When your week is over you just bag up the sheets & towels and leave them on the doorstep. There is a flat rate delivery charge of $15 regardless of how much you order so you can also choose to mix and match to suit your needs. Give them a call and let them put together the right package for you.

As I said, I don’t get anything out of this, I just wanted to offer the service to our guests. There are a couple of other concierge companies that service the island if you want to shop around (Relax Concierge and Shore Solutions Group).


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