Just a few updates from the State of NJ…

On Friday, May 28th, 2021 Governor Murphy will be Dropping the state’s mask mandate and removing the 6ft social distancing requirement at indoor businesses. In addition, bars and restaurants will be able to allow guests to order food and beverages and eat and drink while standing. In other words, you will finally be able have a drink standing at a bar. Dance floors will also be permitted to be open.

Businesses MAY choose to require masks be worn in their establishments. Please respect each individual establishment’s rules.


Unvaccinated people are still encouraged to social distance and wear masks.



  1. Lee

    It is incredibly irresponsible to highlight ” In other words, you will finally be able have a drink standing at a bar.” as if that is a #goal when COVID is killing millions globally. Just because you CAN remove your mask and stand up on someone doesn’t mean you SHOULD! And standing at the bar while drinking should not be a selling point. This has completely turned me off from coming to NJ for vacation!

    • Tim Krug

      This is a travel blog and in it we report on things that impact traveling to and enjoying the Jersey Shore. We don’t make the rules, we just report on them. We aren’t telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t do, just what they CAN do. In the beginning of this pandemic, the goal was to protect the vulnerable….hence all the rules and lockdowns. The hope was that we could keep the virus in check and avoid overwhelming our health systems until we had a vaccine. That time is now. We have the vaccine, and it is available to anybody who wants it (at least around here). You can walk into the supermarket or a pharmacy and pretty much get the vaccine at any time. Those who have chosen to get the vaccine no longer pose a threat to others or themselves. Hence the loosening of the rules regarding masks FOR VACCINATED INDIVIDUALS. People haven’t been to a bar in 15 months, but as FULLY VACCINATED ADULTS, anyone who feels comfortable doing so should have that right. I’m not sure what you think the “right” thing to do is, but keeping VACCINATED PEOPLE locked down is unnecessary. If unvaccinated adults choose to go to a bar or sporting event, there’s no way to stop them. We simply don’t have a program that verifies who is and isn’t vaccinated. But the solution isn’t to lock everyone down until the virus is gone (which it likely will never be) or everyone gets vaccinated (which is even LESS likely). It is time for the vaccinated to begin resuming “normal” lives. You may not be comfortable standing at a bar, but there is no reason for vaccinated adults to be prohibited from doing so. If relaxing that rule makes you want to stay away from New Jersey, so be it, but every other state is relaxing their rules too.

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