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Summer 2020 Rental Update

I’m sure that, like us, you are all waiting and hoping for the shore to “open” for the Summer. I’d like to say that we have answers to all your questions, but unfortunately, at this time nothing is certain. That said, the things we are hearing are mostly positive developments. While rentals are currently prohibited at the shore until May 15th, based on comments by local officials, we believe that shore rentals will be permitted once again by June 1st. Nothing has been approved or announced, but that is the date that they are targeting and we have our fingers crossed.

As you can imagine, there is a lot that needs to happen for the towns to be ready for the summer rush. It isn’t as simple as just declaring the towns “open”. Businesses need to stock up, staff up, and put health safety requirements in place. Those things take time, especially staffing and stocking up. Many local businesses depend on international students for their seasonal labor, and right now that’s simply not an option. In addition, with only two grocery stores on the island, being able to supply food for 10x the current population will be another challenge. As I’m sure you’ve heard, this may be our “new normal” and we need to be prepared to adjust. This may mean doing things like bringing more food from home.

That being said, there’s no place like the shore! Things may not be the same as before, but we think making some sacrifices in order to get a week on the beach is worth it.


CheckMate Electrostatic Cleaner

How are we preparing for the “new normal”?

In order to make your stay as safe as possible this summer, our normal procedures will need to change. We ask for your patience and flexibility as we work through this process.

This season we have hired a new cleaning company and they are taking disinfecting VERY seriously. Back in March they announced their cleaning process for rentals this year. They purchased several electrostatic sprayers and disinfecting chemicals that disinfect soft surfaces (couches, beds, rugs) with a fine mist. You can learn more about this product here. In addition to spraying the soft surfaces and doing the normal turnover cleaning, they will also be disinfecting all high-contact surfaces. This includes everything from remote controls to light switches, door knobs, thermostats etc. While this service comes at an added cost to us, we feel that our guests’ health and peace of mind are worth it.

However, this may require extra cleaning time and we may ask our guests to delay check-in until 3:00pm or 4:00pm (instead of our usual 2:00pm). If our cleaners determine they need the extra time we will let you know prior to your stay. We are also trying to determine how best to deal with items like pillows, blankets and comforters. There isn’t a safe and timely way to disinfect things like pillows between guests in addition to cleaning blankets and comforters. We are looking into having two sets of each that can be swapped between guests but storage space is a concern. We may ask our guests to bring their own pillows if we cannot come up with a solution. We realize this is far from ideal and we are doing our best to address it, but we wanted to prepare you should we ask everyone to BYO Pillows.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding in this confusing time. We are looking forward to another great summer at the Jersey Shore and we hope you are too. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can contact me by phone or email by using the “Contact Us” information at the bottom of every page.

Tim Krug

Beach Haven 7
Vacation Rental Home


  1. Vicki A. Hernandez

    Hi there,
    I am just curious as to how many people are legally allowed to be in a one week rental on LBI.

    • Tim Krug

      There is no rule in Beach Haven or any community that I am aware of aside from those related to legal occupancy. Those limits are based on square footage. There are limits based on the size of the living area regarding how many people can occupy the space. There are limits to how many people can be on a deck based on the size of the deck. And most importantly, there are limits to the number of people that can sleep in a bedroom based on the size of the bedroom. This rule doesn’t seem to be enforced and people violate it all the time by cramming multiple bunk beds into a small room so they can fit more people. In Beach Haven, the MINIMUM size of a bedroom is 70sf (a 7×10 room). A bedroom sleeping 2 people must have at least 100sf of floor space. For every person who sleeps in a room, the room must have 50sf per person. For a room to sleep 4 people it must be at least 200sf. That’s about a 12×17 room, which is quite large. I’ve seen multiple bunk beds in rooms that couldn’t have been more than 144sf. Our house legally sleeps 14 people in beds and that is what we limit our rentals to.

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