Rentals are allowed. The beaches are open. It’s finally Summer!

As you probably expected,  Summer is going to be a bit different this year, not worse, just a little different. Governor Murphy has declared that all retail shops can re-open June 15th. Masks will be required and occupancy will be limited to 50%, but they will be open. Restaurants are all doing takeout, many offering curbside pickup so you don’t have to miss out on your favorite foods,  and hopefully soon they will get the go-ahead to allow outdoor seating. In the meantime, you can still enjoy almost everything LBI has to offer….like Ice Cream!

As far as the house goes, there are some changes that we’ve had to make for our guests’ safety. As usual, sheets and towels are BYO, and we encourage our guests to consider renting sheets from LBI DreamMakers so you aren’t scrambling to get the right sizes together. We have two sets of comforters which will be swapped out between guests. Blankets will be provided and we ask that guests wash the blankets and leave them in the dryer for the next guests. Then we have the pillow problem. There’s no way to sanitize a pillow that someone just slept on and breathed into for a week, and we don’t have the capacity to store a second set. So we are asking guests to bring their own pillows for the week (many people already travel with their own pillow as it is so we hope it’s not a big inconvenience).

Our cleaning crew will be doing extra sanitizing between guests, including the disinfecting mist for same day changeover. There’s also a bottle of disinfectant spray in each unit for your use.

We hope everyone is excited to finally get out and get to the beach, and we hope your vacation is as fun and enjoyable as in years past. If you have any questions or concerns,  please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks again for choosing to stay with us!

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