This week Governor Murphy had to extend the ‘Public Health Emergency’ as it was due to expire 5/7. This gives the state authority to issue stay at home orders and while he has given no indication of when he expects to lift these restrictions, he could do so at any time. What we do know is that all of the shore towns are operating as if they will be opening June 1st. Many, including Beach Haven, have lifted restrictions on rentals starting June 1. They are also working on plans to get businesses up to speed by then.
Based on what the local municipalities are saying and doing, we are going to follow their leads and prepare for the start of the season on June 1. Therefore we are asking our guests to proceed under the assumption that the shore will be “open” June 1st. Should the bans be extended and we are prohibited from renting our home during the time reserved, we will then refund in full.
We have guests who, due to personal risk factors and travel requirements, have opted to just cancel their reservations now. This gives us the opportunity to try to re-rent their week in order to refund their deposit instead of them forfeiting it. This is an option as well, though we’d obviously rather have everyone come and enjoy the shore.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have specific questions.

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