Nest Thermostat

Using IFTTT in your rental

Many VR owners face the problem of renters setting the thermostats too high or too low. Not only does this have a significant cost associated with it from excessive energy use, but it can also damage HVAC equipment. In the … Read More


Beach Haven Trash Collection Ordinance

Beach Haven Residents/Owners, have you seen the Sand Paper article and received this notice from the township yet regarding the new trash/recycling can program? Apparently they proposed this on 1/14/19 and are already planning to implement it by May. Final … Read More

Glass of Water

Great tasting water!

If you are like me, the one thing you DON’T like about the shore is the taste of the tap water. I had enough of buying jugs of spring water to keep in the fridge, so I just installed water … Read More

Booking Widget

New reservation system now online

We just upgraded our booking and reservation system courtesy of OwnerRez. Check out our new quote & booking engine now running on our website. You can get real-time quotes for your next vacation, make your reservation, and not have to … Read More

Book Direct & Save

#BookDirect Campaign

February 7, 2018 Today starts the #BookDirect Campaign to save travelers money across the US and around the world. Individual vacation rental owners, property managers, and “No Fee” travel sites are all coming together to promote the idea of “Booking Direct” … Read More

No Booking Fees

Book Directly with owners and save big!

Why book directly with us? {Updated 09/06/2020} There used to be a time when Vacation Rental owners could simply advertise their homes for rent and field calls and emails from travelers. We like to call this “2015”. VRBO was a … Read More

Credit Cards

Paying for your Vacation Rental

After many nights pondering rental payment options, and many discussions on FaceBook and other platforms, I thought I would talk about the multitude of available choices and their pros and cons. The basis of this post stems from a craigslist … Read More

Bring your X-Box or Apple TV and plug right in!

We often travel with some type of media device, be it a game console, Chromecast, or other media device. And we’re not alone. Lots of travelers do too. Usually that means disconnecting existing equipment or digging around behind the TV … Read More