Stacked Washer/Dryer

When we purchased the house in April of 2016, the downstairs unit just had a washer with no dryer. The previous owner had tried to use a compact stacked unit, but found that with all the bulky beach towels, it just wasn’t able to dry enough clothes quickly. There was no room for side-by-side units so they went with just a full-size washer and no dryer. For most of our guests, this didn’t pose a big problem as they had the option of using the upstairs dryer or hanging their things on the clotheslines out back. But we wanted to be able to rent the units individually and so we felt that necessitated us installing a dryer downstairs. So that’s what we did. We installed a full-size stacked washer and dryer in the downstairs unit. Now both units can wash and dry clothes to their heart’s content!

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