No Shore Tax

We are so close BUT…

We can’t get the correction to the Shore Tax without YOUR help!

We’ll get right to the point…we are out of money and without your financial support we will not be able to fight this fight for you any longer!

There are thousands and thousands of vacation rentals all along the Jersey Shore and yet to date, less than 100 owners have contributed financially to this fight.

The New Jersey Shore Rentals Coalition consists of ALL volunteers who are giving their time and money, BUT we also have several professionals who need to get paid…. including our Public Advocate (lobbyist) who is critical in steering this legislation through the process in Trenton.

So would you PLEASE visit our GoFundMe page and make a contribution? While we are asking for $100 from each Vacation Rental Owner, ANY contribution will help, $50 or even $25…without YOUR support we are going to have to pull the plug on our efforts.

We are SO CLOSE, as our bill now has 17 Assembly Sponsors and 4 Senate Sponsors! We are optimistic that we will be on the Agenda for the January 17th committee meetings, but if we can’t pay our Public Advocate this month to help us achieve this goal, the fight we put up the last three months will be in vain.

So PLEASE help us and contribute by following this link:


Or you can mail your contribution to:
NJ Shore Rentals Coalition
P.O. Box 2265
Long Beach Township, NJ 08008


If you have already contributed…THANK YOU! If you know others who rent at the Jersey Shore, please share our message and the link to our campaign with them.




The NJ Shore Rentals Coalition

Contact us:
Visit our site:

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