This week World famous YouTuber and filmmaker Casey Neistat visited Thundering Surf Waterpark in Beach Haven on Long Beach Island. If you don’t know who Casey is….ask your kids. They most certainly do. [Note: he didn’t REALLY get hurt]

It’s fun seeing a local spot your kids go every summer get featured in a YouTube video that will be seen by probably over a million people world-wide. Thundering Surf is one of our family’s favorite summer spots and we HIGHLY recommend it to all of our guests. They have everything from the Flow-Rider featured in the video (which normally you ride on a “boogie board” laying down or kneeling), to giant tube slides, a new racing slide, and a water-filled play area with sprayers and slides of all sizes for little kids. It is fun for the whole family from toddlers to adults.

If your kids love it (they will) consider stopping by the desk and upgrading your 1 day pass to a 3 day pass. It is basically buy-two-days-get-the-third-free.

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